A sustainable fashion boutique offering an alternative to regular clothes and accessories shopping where you can swap pieces and then buy your favourite crush, lead by sustainable fashion advocate Lena Schroeder.

As a revolutionary sustainable German brand, Kleiderei was founded back in 2012 with a mission to provide a never ending wardrobe for women through borrowing instead of buying whilst helping to make a positive impact on the fashion industry, in addition Kleiderei organise large swap events twice a year and also provide education. With the success of the brand concept over the years and starting from just one location, Kleiderei can be now be found in Freiburg as well as Cologne.

Lead by CEO and socially conscious entrepreneur Lena Schroeder, Kleiderei provides many fashionable pieces through collaborating with various young designers to offer fresh new styles many of which are sustainable and ethically produced in addition to offering some vintage finds.

The Kleiderei concept preserves what is already produced, spares resources and offers the most sustainable clothing consumption……….slow and sexy !
To learn more about Kleiderei, please visit – www.kleiderei.com