When stepping out to a formal affair, Knotzland have the perfect bow ties to complete your outfit. Their loving approach to design emphasizes quality over quantity as they carefully locate, repurpose, and create locally-crafted custom pieces.


Based in Pennsylvania, USA Knotzland was founded in August of 2014 by Nisha Blackwell, who was let go during the downsizing of a local coffee shop and decided to brew her own ideas. The company is known for stylish bow ties and masks. Spurred by a passion, the world around her, and building an environmentally friendly business – Knotzland became a reality. A few of their favorite partners and places to source and rescue high-quality pieces are The Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse, T’s Upholstery, Ultra Fabrics, Drape Companies, Other designers in their Sewical Network, and the Pittsburgh Opera. The bow ties are made from fabric that is truly the first step in creating circular products. Knotzland has grown to a powerhouse up-cycling business with goals of cultivating ecosystems that support people and the environment, all while using items that already exist in the Universe- all over the world. 

As a self-taught seamstress, Nisha realizes the importance of educational opportunities. Knotzland train and work with a dynamic network of women in their community to share the gift of learning to sew. Learning to sew can do several things for an individual. Rather it earning a couple of extra bucks, the inspiration for them to chase their dreams of entrepreneurship, or spark the ability to invest in fixing and reworking the clothing in their own closet, their environment is an open and welcoming possibility. This hyper-local, community-centric production model has allowed them  to scale and keep products handmade while investing in the very people who work so hard to create their pieces. Their Sewist’s make an average of $54 per hour working from home, and to date, Knotzland have invested an average of $40,000 per year directly into the economic wellbeing of our Sewcial Network.

Knotzland is a circular brand committed to sustainable living and keeping textile waste out of landfills.

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