Lolo Palazzo – Ballroom Chandelier
Innovative design that would form the centre piece of any event, handmade from recycled steel that includes bicycle chains and motorbike parts.
Lolo Palazzo
Founded by Netherlands based Laurence van Seventer, Lolo Palazzo reflects a long standing desire to design and create industrial lighting and objects of desire through welding in combination with recycled metal. Designs include chandeliers, lamps and mirrors all of which are 100% handmade from recycled steel such as bicycle chains, motor bike parts and perforated metal sheets. The recycled steel used comes from trawling through metal factories, bicycle repair shops and storages throughout the country.
Lolo Palazzo have exhibited at numerous events and include Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, Tent London at London Design Festival, Masterly The Dutch in Milano and at the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest. With the unique and innovative nature of the designs it is no surprise that Lolo Palazzo have been commissioned to create projects for hospitality and residential clients not only in Netherlands  but also in Spain, UK, Belgium and France.
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