Luxurious Gypsie – Alexa Sisal Basket

Helping to preserve local traditions this gorgeous basket is handmade by artisans from a small village in Kenya with a portion of sales going to charities that help disadvantaged children.


Originating from LA, California, LUXURIOUS GYPSIE is an ethical fashion brand that was conceived by Lana Modylevskaya, a passionate traveler who was on a soul searching journey. The colorful people, landscapes, and traditions around the world captivated her. Unsettled by the poverty and lack of education in developing countries, Lana was inspired to produce an around-the-world collection of small treasures by working with local artisans in developing nations to stimulate local economies of small villages. Lana says “Our aim is to help artisans from around the world make a fair income and to give back to the communities who are disadvantaged by donating 10% of our profits go to charities that improve education for disadvantaged children”.

All items sold by LUXURIOUS GYPSIE are made by hand to the highest quality whilst promoting awareness and meeting fair trade standards. Working with various artisans around the world helps to keep their techniques and artistry alive, as time goes by fewer generations are passing down this knowledge owing to the fast fashion culture we live in.

A LUXURIOUS GYPSIE is a global citizen who is forever travelling, she is liberated and has a real passion to life as well as discovering and conquering injustices. Brave and fearless yet armed with knowledge, she stands up for what she believes in and tries to better the world around her. A LUXURIOUS GYPSIE has a story to tell and similarly, each piece tells a story.

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