An elegant long-sleeved split dress,  ideal for a date or day out with the girls.
Handmade in Britain using chiffon and with minimum wastage.
Madia  & Matilda
Shalize Nicholas is the socially conscious founder of Madia & Matilda, a UK based luxury clothing label specializing in upcycled and sustainable fabrics. The company explores all elements of craft and design to create various unique styles and with upcycled pieces clothes are created from one off, precious garments and textiles. Shalize graduated from University in Manchester after working within the fashion industry for retailers and designers including time spent Paris. Having developed a passion for print along with vintage fabrics, Shalize quickly realised nothing brings more pleasure than breathing new life and creating exclusive designs from limited fabrics, subsequently she decided to launch Madia & Matilda back in 2013. Today the company is loved by many different celebrities and stocked in some of the best international retailers, in addition they engage with customers face to face through opening various pop up shops throughout the year.
At Madia & Matilda their approach towards sustainability is to design and manufacture clothing whilst being mindful of environmental factors. Ideas and concepts are formed through; upcycled & reworked vintage; end of roll fabrics and or natural fibres for core collections. All clothing is made in Britain within their local studio in a picturesque part of the country know as the Cotswolds.  A reactive attitude towards recycling is employed in order to minimise fabric wastage and any leftover fabric is used for trims and the following seasons samples or re-used for new designs.
Each garment is handcrafted with care, turning old garments and remnants, into new designs or simply designing new garments with sustainable fabrics. Madia & Matilda is inspired by and values the story behind each garment. Keeping heritage and craft alive, yet with an innovative twist; Madia & Matilda share a passion for beautifully created clothing, which increases the longevity of a garments lifespan, leading to a less wasteful world.
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