MALAFOR – Yacht Chair

The Yacht Collection is a series of inflatable furniture commonly used outdoors but also great for indoor use. A professional sailmaker makes the covering from a material known as Dacron, commonly used for yacht sail production. Admittedly, all this talk of yachts has led to me looking enviously upon the incredible Caribbean yacht charters that are available online! Due to the nature of this material, it is resistant to extreme weather conditions and also highly durable.


Creative design studio MALAFOR was founded by conscious creatives Agata Kulik-Pomorska and Pawel Pomorski in 2004 with a focus on environmentally friendly products. Based in Poland, the idea to start MALAFOR came after graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk with a vision to develop a brand and not just a company. Over the years MALAFOR have won many awards including the RED DOT 2012 for the Blow Sofa and they exhibit at various international exhibitions.

Although utility is an important factor in all designs, concept is considered to be the most valuable aspect of all works. With a constant search for innovation, new uses for materials are always sought and the Yacht Collection combines traditional sailing craftsmanship with the latest textile technology. Design ideas can also take on a more industrial approach and this lead to the creation “Active Basket”, a shopping basket for disabled people in a wheelchair as well as household projects commissioned by external companies.

Most products are environmentally friendly and includes some which are made from recycled paper as is the case with the “Blow” furniture collection.

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