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Manakai Swimwear – Champa Top and Cinnamon Bottoms
Comfortable, functional and sexy, this fully reversible top would also give a comfortable fit if you are a 36 or 38 DD and pairs perfectly with the seamless and fully reversible cheeky Cinnamon bottoms.
Top and bottoms designed in Hawaii and made in California from recycled materials including industrial waste and fishing nets.
Manakai Swimwear
Socially conscious Kelley Chapman is the entrepreneur behind Hawaiian based fashion brand Manakai Swimwear. Kelley has a passion for the ocean and marine conservation and has been based on the beautiful island of Maui for many years where she loves the island lifestyle and living in her bikini. With many years of experience in the swimwear industry, Kelley is utilising her self taught knowledge to grow Manakai Swimwear into something special with a vision of leading the high-end swimwear industry into adopting more sustainable practices. With a wealth of knowledge and experience behind her Kelley is in a great position to develop Manakai Swimwear into a sustainable lifestyle brand helping to empower women to feel good in their skin whilst raising awareness of ocean conservation.
Manakai  produce their eco conscious swimwear using sustainable techno-fabric created from recycled nylon. They work with top Italian companies Carvico and Econyl yarn to ensure the best quality fabric is used in they swimwear. Manufacturing takes place in the USA where workers are paid a fair wage and Manakai proudly support their local economy ensuring valuable skills are kept viable and remain strong. Recycled materials used include industrial waste and fishnets, both Carvico and Econyl utilise top of the line environmentally certified and accredited technology in the manufacturing process. The same materials used in many of the new non-recycled swimsuits are used in Manakai but without the detrimental environmental effects.
Recently, Manakai opened Hawaii’s no. 1  Ethical Swimwear Boutique in Lahaina which helps to reinforce the fact that Manakai is more than just a swimwear brand. While visiting Manakai you will discover a variety of products that help consumers get away from plastic packaging or single use plastics. You will also discover Maui’s best beach essentials: towels, visors, beach bags, reef safe sunscreen, jewelry and more. When walking through  the doors of Manakai you will instantly feel the peace and love from the Aloha vibes.
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