Modish Living – Barclay Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Side Table and TV Stand

More often than not, the living room is a well-used room in any house. It’s a space where families can watch movies together, as well as the latest episodes from the highly-anticipated boxset that you’ve been dying to watch. Nothing beats being able to snuggle down with your loved ones to sit through hours upon hours of fun and laughter. It just makes you think about the first family who did this when the history of cable TV was just starting its journey. Who knows what it was like back then? I’m just sad that they missed out on all the channels that we know and love today, but I’m sure they made the most out of it, and they were probably sat in their living rooms too.

Not only that, but this room is also the best place to sit and read or a place where you can totally relax. It’s also a place where guests can come over and feel comfortable too, so making it a friendly room is essential, otherwise it’s unlikely to get used.

Moreover, although it is only natural to think of your home and garden as two separate entities with a strict boundary in between, in reality, linking indoor and outdoor spaces, even if you only have a small garden or terrace, can help your living room feel larger. Put simply, with the exterior connected to the house your eye sees further and a garden-facing room appears larger.

Accordingly, for maximum connection to your outside space, why not swap a solid wall in your living room for one that you can see through using contemporary glazed doors? Bifold doors with narrow framing are a popular choice for creating a seamless indoor-outdoor link, and they come in so many different styles, colours and sizes that there really is something for everyone. To learn more, take a look at this useful guide that explains how to install bifold doors.

But what about your furnishings? Well, there’s so much to love about a rustic coffee table that combines elegance, iconic design, and a sumptuous finish and this exquisite Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table would certainly deserve a place in your lounge. With the wooden body and metal legs, it creates warmth for the room and brings other features in the room together, whilst being a function piece of furniture too. It is also equipped with drawers, for remotes and batteries, helping declutter the room and keep it a calm space.

Designed to complement the elegant Barclay Reclaimed Wood furniture collection, the superb Reclaimed Wood Side Table is the perfect addition to any lounge. Your lounge should ooze comfort and this collection of furniture screams comfort for any home. It all pairs well with dark painted walls or can work well with a softer palette too. To create a softer look, peel and stick wallpaper could be used to brighten the room and the lampshade could also be swapped for a lighter tone. A cashmere throw or blanket can also be included in the room to make it feel more cozy and comfortable.

The gorgeous Barclay Reclaimed Wood TV Cabinet brings you the chance to enhance your living room furniture layout with an industrial TV stand that has the wow factor.

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