WAKE UP Look Book5

Night Gown

This gorgeous gown is soft and silky giving you a touch of elegance. Made with sustainably sourced fabrics using natural dyes.

Christy Mccormick

A socially conscious, talented designer and artist, Christy Mccormick skilfully weaves her way through a web of creative medium to showcase a discernible style through her collection of works. Her recent fashion collection has been an Amazonian inspired nightwear collection raising awareness of increased deforestation and climate change issues. Based in London and a graduate of the London College of Fashion where she studied Fashion Illustration, Christy has also worked for Alexander McQueen where she helped develop prints for both menswear and womenswear and worked with an ethical fashion magazine where she produced illustrations showing the impact of fast fashion.

The Amazonian nightmare collection is appropriately called ‘wake up’, while the Amazon Rainforest has some of the most beautiful wildlife and nature in the world it is actually being destroyed at an astonishing rate, it seems as thought society is asleep to these facts and need to wake up! Similar to 100% Mulberry Silk Pajamas, the collection boasts elegance and beauty whilst still being comfortable to wear. The collection features prints inspired by the Amazon Rainforest representing the beauty and importance of nature. The elegant and feminine nature of the brand are demonstrated through the soft silks, bamboo jersey and variety of silhouettes created to make a woman feel beautiful, strong and empowered. Fabrics are sourced sustainably and natural dyes with recycling contributing to the environmentally conscious outlook of the brand.

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