Noumenon – Striped Ruffle Top and Striped Robin Skorts

This gorgeous white and blue striped ruffle top is perfect for that elegant summer look, its a comfy loose fitting tube top with strong but comfortable elastic to hold everything together. Complete your look with these stylish matching skorts, from behind you’ll look as though you are wearing cute shorts while from the front you’ll appear to be wearing a gorgeous skirt. These skorts are well fitted, tight yet comfortable and the front panel can be tied to the side panel.

Both designed in Holland and ethically made in Lithuania from 100% linen, brand labels are made from recycled cotton and tags are made of recycled paper.

Art Direction, Styling & Design : Dena Simaite
Styling Assistance: Egle Raudel, Rachella Hooijman
Photography: Mira Begova
Models: Jessica Besselsen
Make Up & Hair: Rachel Hooijman


Founded in 2016 by Amsterdam Fashion Institute alumna Dena Simaite, Noumenon is a sustainable fashion brand that combines ethics with aesthetics. Inspired by the Noumenal world of the philosopher Kant, Dena’s vision is to create cruelty-free fashion which is ethically produced yet sophisticated. The timeless garments are composed for the conscious woman who wants to feel beautiful and comfortable, from the inside and out. Design and quality is key and Dena believes that fashion is even more beautiful when created ethically and cruelty-free

Collections generally consist of linen, organic cotton, cupro and Tencel (recycled woodpulp) in addition Dena works with innovative recycled fabrics and gives surplus fabrics a new life. In order to reduce as much CO2 as possible every fabric and garment finds it s origin in Europe and additionally the ink used for the prints are environmentally friendly. With global and environmental trends creating more of a need for seasonless designs, Noumenon garments can be worn any time of the year, anywhere in the world, with consideration for the environment. With this in mind Noumenon stands to embody “less is more” as a design philosophy.

With Noumenon Dena hopes to change the world in a positive way. Her motto is: ‘Change the World, and look amazing while you do it.’ #changethegame

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