Conscious brand Only the Motivated create a range of leisure wear including hoodies that speak leadership, character, empowerment and wisdom with a brand concept to create leaders and motivate the spark inside each individual representing who they are.

Made locally in the USA


Only the Motivated was originally started by Nick Laureano and Johnnie Brown as a hashtag. No purpose, sense or meaning behind it. As time went on, the mission became clear. Through being motivated and positive despite life’s triumphs they found their purpose. They had to believe one another so they could excel further and grasp the passion they had. 

Through bringing together all walks of life to be a part of a movement that stood not only for the greater good but in the eyes of everyone who wore it, they felt a sense of ambition thus finding their purpose. Through uplifting all who battled mental scars who could never quite escape the feeling of emptiness, they pushed to accept any and all who want to feel righteous about themselves and feel entirely new understanding wearing their brand thus finding their meaning. When all is said and done, their goal is to thrive, push and prosper as a global brand and bring along all those who know what it means and takes to be motivated and fearless. Nick and Johnnie started with something as little as a word, now they stand for something much bigger. The vision is clear !

“I’m a 25 year old entrepreneur from Brockton, Ma. I’ve always been driven by the disappointment I’ve experience in my life. It fuelled me to create ‘Only the Motivated’ because during my time of struggle, I had no choice but to stay motivated and remain content. I’m here to empower others to find their spark and create everlasting success that we can all benefit from”

Nick Laureano, Co-Founder 

“I’m a family man & Entrepreneur; I’m 26 years old. Born & raised in Boston, Ma. Some of the struggles I’ve dealt with growing up always motivated me to strive for better. For those who know my story. My experience helped encourage those around me to go after what they want to achieve in life. I always stood out as a leader and role model. Now with ‘Only the Motivated’ I want to continue to start my positivity, motivation within my community and around the world.

Johnny Brown, Co-Founder 

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