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Paisley Maxi Pinafore

This gorgeous pinafore dress would certainly have you making a style statement. The maxi length skirt will take you from day to evening and with a detachable bib section it can be worn in two ways. It features a detachable cotton-lined bodice with crossover adjustable straps at the back, side pockets and a back zip with large metalic multi-faceted button.

Ethically made by a long standing Lowie collaborator in Shenzhen, China with 100% cotton.


Founded by designer Bronwyn Lowenthal in the early 2000’s, Lowie is a heritage inspired fashion label dedicated to producing collections as ethically as possible. The philosophy behind Lowie has always been to create beautifully designed clothes with minimal impact and an insistence that workers are happy and fairly paid. Over the years Lowie has established itself as a unique brand creating sought-after pieces from the softest wools and organic cottons worn by numerous celebrities. Collections are lovingly handmade with fabrics and prints designed in-house.

Bronwyn says:
“We always vet our suppliers and advise on how they can make their businesses more environmentally and people friendly. Where possible, we will choose to make our garments from organic or sustainable materials. Letting our suppliers know that customers are prepared to pay a premium for ethically sourced garments will encourage them to provide us with the raw materials and processes that will serve to protect our precious environment.”

Hand-knit and crochet products ranges are made by villagers in a little seaside town in Eastern China. The current trend in China is for young people to go to the city usually leaving their children with the grandparents and only seeing them for 2 weeks a year. By allowing the knitters to work from home Lowie is helping to keep families together and preserve traditional village life. Machine knit ranges are produced by A & A Fashion house in a small family-run workshop. The products are produced on traditional hand-looms, using little or no electricity and all workers are fairly paid. Sewn garments are made by Lina Lee and her husband who employ about 45 experienced cutters, sewers and finishers working in a safe comfortable environment using high end production techniques. All Lowie fabric printing is done in a small factory in Shenzhen which employs 12 people using digital machines with products produced to the highest quality. Factory visits are made at least once a year in orders to keep a close relationship and maintain trust.

As part of being a sustainable brand, Lowie offer a Free Repair Service on all items from past and current collections as part of their mission to prolong the life of their clothing after purchase and give years of enjoyment.

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