Enjoy one of nice exclusive cabins set over the crystal clear waters of the Bocas del Toro archipelago.
Punta Caracol Aqua-Lodge
The exotic Punta Caracol retreat in Panama was born out of the idea of creating an Aqua-Lodge in a totally virgin and natural environment. The idea is to offer guests a pure and intimate experience with nature in a place of singular beauty where they can relax in comfort. Built over the Caribbean Sea, along a mile long coral reefed coast, Punta Caracol is constructed using the traditional methods of the Archipelago: each handsomely crafted cabin is built upon stylists which support a wooden frame over the water and covered by a palm leaf roof – an unforgettable habitat congruent with the native communities of the region. Natural building materials offered by the rich nature of the region were used along with various types of native woods and plants, clays, leafs, bamboo, wild cane and others. You learn how to coexist with the advance systems of renewable energy like the solar panels  that provide electricity  to the cabins or the bio-digestor that debugs sewage waters avoiding any type of pollution impact on the environment.
When Punta Caracol Aqua-Lodge began operations over 15 years ago, few believed it would last if operated with such environmental and social standards. At that time sustainability was not seen as being as relevant like it is now. Today, however, Punta Caracol is a leading reference and has received national and international recognition. It is also a proud  2 star member of the “Blue Flag Program” sponsored by the First Lady Bureau and has been hailed as one of the most sustainable hotels in the world by leading media channels such as CNN. In addition Punta Caracol  proud to be a winner of the “Excellency Hostelry Award” given by the National Tourism Authority Minister.
To learn more about Punta Caracol Aqua-Lodge, please visit – www.puntacaracol.com