Qbic London City Hotel – Lobby

Based in East London, the eco-friendly Qbic London City Hotel likes to be set apart from the rest with decisions such as artist and designer commissions made because they want to have fun, create new environments and connect people with new ideas and experiences.

Qbic London City Hotel

The first Qbic hotel opened in Amsterdam in 2007, the success that followed lead to multiple expansions of the site and in October 2013 their flagship hotel opened its doors to London. Located in the vibrant East London neighbourhood of Whitechapel it embodies a hotel of the city, drawing inspiration from local creativity, cuisine and social responsibility. With sustainable modern pragmatism, quirky style and innovative solutions Special attention is given to eco-friendly initiatives (such as solar panels on the roof, strong focus on all things recycling and energy-saving, organic toiletries etc.) and to supporting the local community.

At Qbic London they generally believe in being an eco friendly green hotel, everything they do has an impact somewhere down the line, including on guests. The impact is as gentle and small as possible: a tiny environmental footprint, not a great stomp. While they obviously still need to provide hotel cleaning services, they acknowledge that cleaning a room and changing the towels and bed linen all uses energy and water. Preferring to conserve what they can, Qbic have introduced an initiative to encourage hotel guests to make greener decisions. Those staying for more than one night and who choose not to have their room serviced are rewarded with a free drink at the bar, an initiative that encourages hotel guests to make greener decisions. Electricity use at Qbic is reduced but increased where appropriate, such as Electric Charging Points. Solar panels are installed on the roof to generate green electricity. Free transport around London is provided by way of 10 bicycles provided by Bike Works for guests to use free of charge, helmets and locks are also provided.

Qbic believe in something better than what’s currently out there. A place that celebrates life rather than sucks life out of you. A hotel that’s built on creativity and a belief that you don’t have to accept the conventional. Somewhere that sends you away with fun stories and ideas, a place you will want to come back to again and again. Always on the look out for ways to be better, for guests, the environment and local community, Qbic were delighted to become a Certified B Corporation®, making them the first hotel to join this dreamy group of businesses doing good in the world.

To learn more about this stylish Qbic London City Hotel, please visit – www.qbichotels.com