READORN.LONDON – Rayo Necklace

Handmade silver and black necklace with upcycled beads and charms and a lobster claw fastener. The 3 silver coloured long charms in the centre help to give it that statement look.


Louise Kane is founder and designer at London based sustainable jewellery brand READORN.LONDON who provide an eclectic mix of handmade jewellery created from recycled fine silver and other reused/upcycled materials. READORN.LONDON never produce more than 5 pieces of each design, with most of their lines being one of a kind, ensuring you stand out from the crowd with something truly different. They provide a provide a place to send broken or unwanted jewellery.

“We are dedicated to reducing waste in the fashion industry, specifically jewellery & accessories. ‘Fast Fashion’ accessories contribute to a high number of broken earrings & snapped bracelets which unfortunately end up in the bin. It’s not that the materials used in these accessories are of inferior quality, they’ve just been poorly constructed. So we launched our jewellery upcycling service to address this problem.  Reworking, reusing & reselling perfectly good textiles & accessories not only reduces waste but provides good living. Sustainable Fashion isn’t just another trend…….Being resourceful is our future.”
Louise Kane, Founder and Designer 

Recently Louise decided to upscale her jewellery upcycling service with the launch of This new venture is a collaborative effort on an international scale with designers upcylcing broken fast fashion jewellery. Currently designers from New Zealand, USA and UK are involved all rolling out the service to help reduce waste in the fashion industry.  The idea is to have a ‘local’ maker in as many countries as possible, all addressing the problem of waste caused by broken fast fashion accessories and giving them the opportunity to have a big impact in an area of fast fashion that is often forgotten. 

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