Segra Segra – Bicycle Ventile Jacket

This ageless black jacket will always be in fashion. It comes with zipped or buttoned closures, with double sided side straps for the perfect fit and has reflective material offering that all important safety feature. Various storage options include three front pockets, an inside phone-pocket and two back pockets one of which is covered with a recycled inner-tube flap.

Made in the Czech Republic with high quality water-resistant Ventile derived from 100% cotton.

Segra Segra

The name Segra Segra translates to Sister Sister and was founded by Prague based sisters Eliska and Dagmar Mertova in 2007. The fashion designer sisters lead the company with a focus on stylish fashion and design for the modern cyclist using unusual and original materials such as bicycle inner tubes. Their philosophy is based around liberating bikers from multicoloured sportswear and to develop the Street Fashion of the highest quality for urban cyclists. Keen cyclists themselves, the sisters have recognized the need of modern active professionals who require ready-to-wear “bicycle-to-office” fashion that combines business attire with fashion elements and unique natural materials (e.g. recycled bicycle innetubes, weather proofing fabrics) with a daily functionality.

For Segra Segra fashion is not seasonal but a thing of value that should last from season to season. Instead of regularly introducing new collections, their focus is more on detail and quality so current designs never look out of date. Collections are made in small numbers in the Czech Republic and many pieces are tailor-made.

In 2015 the Segra Segra portfolio was extended to include Mama by Segra, functional fashion for mums-to-be or fresh mums that cannot do without baby slings or baby scarf carriers.

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