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Spool Deluxe
The result of an old welding machine being upcycled and made into an amazing copper lamp.


Bastiaan Tolhuijs is socially responsible entrepreneur behind Dutch design company Tolhuijs which he founded with the aim to contribute towards having a better world through producing high quality sustainable products. Bastiaan studied product design at university and after graduation he embarked on a world tour, it was during this time that he saw how creative people dealt with their waste. This was the experience that planted the seed in Bastiaans head for ideas that would eventually see him found Tolhuijs. A little different than most other design companies Tolhuijs products tell a unique story, each piece is made using waste material from Dutch manufacturers. The waste materials are then treat by carpenters and handymen who work in prisons or social  workshops. There are some men in prison who have never worked so Tolhuijs are able to contribute by offering them an opportunity to develop a sense of responsibility.

Prior to going into production Tolhuijs select materials from partner companies suitable to be transformed into a deign product. Innovative ways in which the products can be transformed are identified then after the design is finished and tested, drawings are sent to the work supervisor in prison and products are manually assembled by inmates or employees in the sheltered workshop. Comprehensive and stringent quality checks are in place so under the watchful eyes of the supervisors the products are produced perfectly. Prisoners working with Tolhuijs are also able to obtain diplomas.

Tolhuijs have a different idea about design, they want to create awareness among people and are convinced waste deserves a second life. They take waste and create innovative new products with a different function to their previous incarnation. Designs are durable and at the same time visually pleasing.

For more beautiful upcycled designs please visit – www.tolhuijs.nl