Sylvia Calvo BCN – Jacket and Skirt 

A gorgeous jacket and skirt, part of the new collation and made from recycled coffee bag fabric.

Sylvia Calvo BCN

Launched in Barcelona, Spain in 2015, Sylvia Calvo BCN is an eco-friendly and ethical brand that goes by the motto “From waste to value”. Founder and designer Sylvia Calvo spent a number of years working in the airline industry and in maritime transportation then after attend a conference about Eco-Fashion she began to see the industry in a different light and decided she wanted to help make a difference.

With a new found determination to make a positive impact in the fashion world Sylvia embarked on a period of research and self learning then decided to put into practice the principles of sustainability and circular economy by launching Sylvia Calvo BCN, upcycling original used coffee bags into garments and accessories. The manufacturing process is entirely handcrafted and uses organic and recycled materials with minimal impact on the environment, giving a unique and distinctive style to each clothing piece. 

The latest collection is ‘BCN I love you’ using organic materials combined with travelled coffee bags, organic wool and silk details, embroideries and felting details. Resulting in unique special pieces, this new collection has been inspired by the city of Barcelona, its culture and the Mediterranean sea.

Sylvia has showcased her unique designs around the world including Spain ‘of course’, Australia and Hungary. She also speaks at various events and later this month will give some presentations in Barcelona (professional school- new business models with circular economy; radio program about circular economy; and entrepreneur women presenting her project as using waste as prime material). 

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