The Tannerhof Hotel Village 

Based in Germany, The Tannerhof Nature Hotel offers a delightful mix of various buildings in what could be classed as a hotel village. You can visit the Bath House to sooth the body and soul then head over to the Orangerie for a spot of reading or to admire the beautiful scenery. The sauna will leave you rejuvenated and the old washhouse would make the perfect seminar room. 

The Tannerhof

Founded in 1904 by Christian von Mengershausen and his wife Barbara after buying this amazing rural property dating back to the 16th century.  At the time Christian was convinced that the location close to the  German mountain village of Bayrischzell would be the perfect place to establish a sanatorium for physical and dietary therapy, putting into practice the popular back-to-nature movement. Soon after cottages were built, loosely spread across the mountainside giving a close connection with nature and the seasonal changes, by 1905 Tannerhof opened its doors for the first time to guests.

To date, four generations have followed behind the founders and their approach to a healthy way of life close to nature and each one has introduced new aspects and buildings to Tannerhof. Although living a holistic, ecological and organic is popular today this lifestyle has been lived with conviction by Tannerhof owners for generations.  After 105 years of sanatorium history, the fourth generation of owners embarked upon a huge project which included fundraising to help transform the sanatorium into a Nature Hotel and Health Resort in just 9 months.

There are few places where one can experience nature as unhindered as at the Tannerhof, surrounded by the beautiful mountains about the tranquility of the Bayrischzell village with all rooms coming with views that provide direct contact with nature.  Various activities are on offer including hiking, jogging, walking, cycling or skiing.  There are a range of massages and beauty treatments to choose from and doctors are on site to give guidance on health and wellness which could include a proper health and fitness check, help with nutrition or boosting immune systems. Guests can experience the divine cuisine made from the best products whilst respecting natural resources, long before organic food became so popular the Tannerhof had been cooking with the finest regional and organic products.

The Tannerhof is the perfect mountain hideaway for those wanting to get close to nature while taking care of their mind body and soul.

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