TildArt Eco Luxury – Diana Wax Jacket
Inspired by the wardrobe of Diana, Princess of Wales ‘formally Lady Diana Spencer’ and made with recycled old curtains from Spencer House in London where the Princess once lived. The collection is handmade in London using a variety of fabrics and natural dye techniques. Photo by Kris Pinter.
TildArt Eco Luxury
Matilda Janosi is the designer and founder of TildArt, an Eco Luxury brand that combines recycled materials with high quality luxury materials to create a unique style of clothing jewellery and accessories. Matilda was born and grew up in Transylvania where recycling is a way of life. It is this ethos, combined with her talent as a fashion designer, that has driven her to create unique fashion products using recycled materials. After moving to London with the aim of establishing a viable sustainable fashion business Matilda worked as a Rickshaw driver to raise funds to launch her brand, it was during this time she was provided with inspiration to recycle the hundreds of discarded inner tubes at the Rickshaw base to create fashion!
In addition to recycled inner tubes, Matilda also uses natural latex and and Swarovski Crystals helping to maintain the luxury feel of her collections. Used bicycle inner tubes are sourced from bicycle repair shops in London and items are made at the TildArt Studio in East London with all materials sourced in the UK. TildArt outfits have bold striking designs and are popular with the adventurous confident woman who admires wearable art.
With her latest collection Matilda has been inspired by one of the most photographed women of the 20th century and a woman whole will forever remain a fashion icon in the eyes of many Diana, Princess of Wales known as Lady Diana Spencer before her marriage. The collection is made with recycled old curtains from Spencer House ‘where the Princess once lived’ which is also close to Kensington Palace. The collection is handmade in London using a variety of fabrics and natural dye techniques with inspiration taken from right from the wardrobe of Diana, Princess of Wales. Pieces are unique and the limited edition collection will cover all seasons.
Matilda has exhibited at international events in recent years including Europe, Canada, USA and Australia where her beautiful and bold creations capture the attention of onlookers and often become conversations pieces beyond the event. TildArt Eco Luxury continues to invent a new way of looking at fashion.
For more unique eco luxury womenswear please visit – www.tildart.com