TildArt Luxury Scarf and Trashion Forward Books

A beautiful hand-weaved luxury scarf also available in pink and yellow, made with 100% extra fine merino wool & recycled bicycle inner tube.


Two copies of Trashion Forward – The Rise of Sustainable Luxury, an elegant, limited edition coffee table book.


Matilda Janosi is the designer and founder of TildArt, an Eco Luxury brand that combines recycled materials with high quality luxury materials to create a unique style of clothing jewellery and accessories. In addition to recycled materials such as bicycle inner tubes, Matilda also uses natural latex and and Swarovski Crystals helping to maintain the luxury feel of her collections. TildArt outfits have bold striking designs and are popular with the adventurous confident woman who admires wearable art. Matilda has exhibited at various fashion shows around the world were her beautiful bold creations capture the attention of onlookers and often become conversations pieces beyond the event. TildArt Eco Luxury continues to invent a new way of looking at fashion.

As part of the Trashion Forward Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign backers can pledge for this exclusive luxury scarf and books package, just 4 available see the following link for more details – Kickstarter