Trashion Forward – The Rise of Sustainable Luxury

A limited edition coffee table style book focused on luxury sustainable fashion and design available to buy for a limited period on Kickstarter. Trashion Forward supports the rise in sustainable luxury by featuring industry thought leaders and showcasing some amazing pieces from around the world many of which have been made from trash such as the dress in the front cover image which is made of old Vogue magazines. In addition a portion of published proceeds will go to the global movement calling for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry
Fashion Revolution.


Contributors include 36 sustainable brands and 4 thought leaders from 16 countries, they all share a common purpose centred around helping to create a more sustainable future. In addition to the beautiful unique designs featured by the brands, the thought leaders have been interviewed to share amongst other things their impact on the industry and where they see the future of sustainable fashion and design.


Trashion Forward will be produced as a limited edition hardback that will be a great addition to any home ‘proudly displayed on a coffee table’ or on show in a boutique hotel for guests to read at their leisure. The book will be in a large square format and about 220 pages once completed and each of the limited edition 1000 copies will be numbered adding to the unique experience of owning your personal copy of Trashion Forward.

Trashion Forward is now available to buy Kickstarter for a limited period, click the link below:


  1. Congratulations On presenting this subject in a glossy coffee table format for distribution in the luxury sector- we need this important subject distributed across all demographics, and most especially for mainstream discussion. this is a much welcome contribution. I wish you success in your venture!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words Yes it certainly is important to bring the conversation on ethics in fashion and sustainable luxury to a wider audience for mainstream discussion, with Trashion Forward I am hoping to contribute towards doing this.

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