VIERI – Ethical Fine Jewellery Collection
For lovers of high quality jewellery for every day wear or made-to-measure pieces for engagements and other special occasions.
Luxury jewellery brand VIERI is a family business that dates back more than 80 years. Guya Merkle is the owner of the German jewellery house VIERI and she has continued to build on the legacy left by her grandparents who founded the company in way that they would certainly be proud of. Guya is now the third generation of the family leading the company and has re-defined the brand philosophy and designs by producing exclusively sustainable and fair jewellery with ethically sourced or recycled gold as well as fair-trade silver. To lovers of fine jewellery, VIERI offers delicate and fashionable pieces for every day such as rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces, bespoke pieces as well as made-to-measure pieces for engagement and other special occasions. They also offer Jewelry tools in-case you need to make some quick adjustments.
VIERI Responsible Fine Jewellery believe thats that responsible actions and luxury jewellery cannot exist without each other. In 2013 Guya created the earthbeat foundation and is proud to solely use high quality ethically sourced or recycled gold in all collections. The foundation concentrates on helping to create a better future for gold mining communities working in small-scale mining all round the world. Its core objective is to create awareness and small projects, focusing on alternative income solutions for the miners through social businesses. As a company VIERI is contributing directly to the foundation by donation 10% of overall profits and created the RESPECT THE BEAUTIFUL collection, to invite all customers to become part of the movement.
Through personal relationships with producers in Italy and Germany along with their foundation VIERI ensure the right resources are used in their collections and also supports actions towards a responsible and fair treatment of the environment, people and our planet.
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