Winter at Tantora – Al-Ula 

Saudi Arabia is a mysterious place, with a fascinating history, and so when I was invited to attend the Winter at Tantora festival on behalf of Eluxe, I couldn’t say no. The event took place in an area to the north of the country at a remote but highly historic place called Al-Ula. It was an important trading route from as far back as the first millennium BC, when its position on the ancient ‘Incense Route’ between Southern Arabia and Egypt led to Al-Ula becoming a centre of commercial exchange and cultural activity. One of the highlights of Al-Ula is in the ‘Old Town’ a sundial known as Tantora. For hundreds of years it was used as a marker by locals to indicate the start of the winter planting season. The old town contained about 900 houses and 400 shops, all made from local stones and earth.

Eluxe Magazine 

Known globally as the world’s first sustainable luxury magazine, Eluxe was created to fill the gap in a market that was not catered for by other luxury lifestyle magazines. Founded by Editor-in-Chief Chere Di Boscio  following a career spent editing glossy luxury magazines, Chere became disillusioned with the fact that ‘luxury’ was too often associated with ‘excess’  – and decided to do something about it with a glossy quarterly publication ‘avaialbe in print and as a digital download’ that some may call the sustainable version of Vogue magazine.  Today, as the world’s first ever 
sustainable luxury publication Eluxe magazine is at the forefront of showing ‘eco’ can be elegant, and is bridging the gap between the sustainable brands and the public.

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