Yacht Sofa
Part of a 4 piece set “Yacht Collection”, the sofa cover is made of DACRON sailcloth, commonly used in sail production. DACRON’s component is an impregnated synthetic, water and sun resistant polyester fibre. The cover is manufactured by a professional sailmaker, the cushions are durable and safe to use outside in changing weather conditions as well as indoors.

Agata Kulik-Pomorska and Pawel Pomorski are the talented creatives who founded MALAFOR an abbreviation of Polish “Male laboratorium formy”, which basically means “Small form laboratory”. The idea to start MALAFOR came after graduating from the the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland and the plan was not just to start a company but to develop a brand.

Although utility is an important factor in all designs, concept is considered to most valuable aspect of all works. With a constant search for innovation, new uses for materials are always sought. Designs ideas can also take on a more industrial approach and this lead to the creation “Active Basket”, a shopping basket for disabled people in a wheelchair as well as household projects commissioned by external companies.

Most products are environmental friendly and some are made from recycled paper as is the case with the “Blow” furniture collection.

For more sustainable designs visit – www.malafor.co