Have you been looking for a new motorcycle for a while? Have you been eagerly looking at Motorcycle covers to make sure the new paint doesn’t chip or fade? Are you a bit stuck on what motorcycle to buy? Well, today’s post might be able to help you!

Zero Motorcycles – Battery and Charging

Zero offers the longest riding range of any production electric motorcycle in the world, and each of Zero’s six motorcycle models exceeds the needs of the average US motorist, who travels about 37 miles per day. Each bike’s range is determined by battery capacity, speed and riding habits. With the optional Power Tank accessory, the Zero SR is capable of over 220 miles in the city and 110 miles on the highway. Zero FX and Zero FXS models feature an optional modular power pack system that allows batteries to be swapped in under a minute. These modern feature may persuade you to sell your old motorcycle and query ‘where will you get the best price for your motorbike online?‘, so you can save up and purchase one of these Zero Motorcycles for yourself.

Charging a Zero is simple and convenient. No complex or expensive equipment or charge station installation required. Every Zero comes equipped with a built-in charger that turns any household 110/220V outlet into a “fueling station,” and the connection takes just a few seconds to plug and unplug. Depending on battery capacity, charging can take from a couple of hours to overnight. For 6x fast charging at home or on the go, the 6 kW Charge Tank option is compatible with increasingly common J1772 charging stations, and trims charge times to as little as 1-2 hours. The Charge Tank and onboard charger can be operated together to deliver 7.3 kW of charging that provides up to 103 miles of riding per hour. Zero also offers a scalable “Quick Charge” system for rapid charging at home or office. So, if you are interested in purchasing an upgraded motorcycle like Zero, why not sell the old one at a good price and use the money for the new one. If this thought has crossed your mind, and if you are looking for a motorcycle trading website where you can sell your two-wheeler as soon as possible, you might want to check out companies like American Motorcycle Trading Co.

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